Covid-19 outspread was something that filled the world with masks on faces and scares within the hearts. Making the headlines with its expansion speed, it shattered the economy and halted the world. From personal to professional life, every life has suffered immensely during this phase. One of the most affected areas was the education sector, the students who suffered yet this tech-savvy world has worked as a savior for them. The idea of Online education was introduced to the students because of the advancement in connectivity and technology. Although, online classes proved to be beneficial for the students yet the significance of offline classes was highly missed. Hence, the fact that nothing can replace offline classes was realized by every student.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that online education added new meaning to the entire education system. It promoted a lot of new opportunities for students to explore different fields sitting at their homes. Along with all this, it provided a flexible schedule and environment for the students. Despite all this, you must be wondering why parents and students want to choose offline classes. Well, let us move ahead with the significance of offline classes in student’s lives and know the reasons behind students prioritizing offline classes: 

★Online classes provide you with the leverage of sitting on your comfortable couch and gaining knowledge, well, this is one of the reasons which has made students lethargic and given them an inflexible schedule.

★ Students who are in highly classed urban areas are blessed with internet connectivity while students there are students who have to face continuous glitches in their connectivity which comes as a hurdle for them in online classes. While in offline classes connectivity cannot be a barrier for any of the students.

★ Students have to spend half of the day on screen during online classes which is harmful to their health as well as has a lot of side effects. Moreover, it’s nothing more than a distraction for them. It makes it difficult for students to stay focused on class. Whereas, in offline classes, online sites cannot be a distraction nor it is hazardous for their health in any way.

★ Online classes can only be interactive when students are willing to, else there is minimal interaction in online classes which leads to the lack of good communication skills in students. Offline classes provide students with the privilege of keeping interacting with teachers, and it is helpful for preceptors to understand the difficulty faced by students.

★Online classes can’t provide practical examples to students which is a hurdle for students to grasp their syllabus completely. They don’t get a better understanding and clarity of the topics. In offline classes, students have minimal distractions which helps them to clearly understand the syllabus.

Therefore, offline classes are considered the right way of education for the students. The Big Achievers always supports the old and authentic medium of education that is offline classes as it allows students to perform their best and enrich themselves academically as well as socially. Offline classes help students to enhance their inner potential and capabilities as it allows them to flourish in different activities along with their studies. The Big Achievers provide you with the best Tuition classes for all subjects in Noida. Do connect with us for our guidance in your academics.

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